Supply Chain Transparency

U.S. Department of Labour Cotton Tracing Project

Pakistan, Congo

In 2021 Diginex started a new project with the US Department of Labor called the “Supply Chains Tracing Project”. This project seeks to leverage big data and blockchain increase downstream tracing of goods made by child labor and forced labor

The project is designed to address the barriers/challenges in supply chain traceability, and result in the development and sharing of open, accessible and replicable smart-tools that can advance the knowledge base on supply chain tracing and scale the adoption of traceability solutions by multiple actors in different sectors around the world. 

The pilot tracing will take place in the cotton (Pakistan) and cobalt (Democratic Republic of the Congo) supply chains.  

Partners: Diginex Solutions, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS), RCS Global (RCS), Responsible Mining Initiative (RMI), ELEVATE