Giving workers a voice in supply chain due diligence

diginexAPPRISE offers an affordable means for companies to gain valuable workers insights on key sustainability and compliance topics. Hearing what workers have to say and setting up worker grievance channels are essential components of supply chain due diligence and increasingly required under legislation such as The German Supply Chain Act (LkSG).

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diginexAPPRISE gives workers a voice in supply chain due diligence, providing companies with reliable insights for their risk management.

Award for “Ethical dimensions of the information society”

WISIS Award:  World Summit on the Information Society, awarded by ITU , 2022.

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Finalist in the World Justice Challenge

Access to Justice Solutions  2019. The Hague The Netherlands.
Project: Proactive and consistent screening in vulnerable populations for signs of labour exploitation and human trafficking

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Here's how diginexAPPRISE will help you with due diligence

Initially developed by United Nations University Institute-Macau and the Mekong Club, diginexAPPRISE has scaled significantly and expanded its capabilities by capitalising on diginex’s pioneering technology.

Scale & Affordability

Real-time data is gathered from an unlimited number of workers with the ability to reach 100% of the supply chain at no incremental cost.

Real Time Insights & Reporting

Worker responses are updated to an analytics dashboard in real-time, ensuring red-flags or areas requiring improvement are easily and quickly identified.

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Safe for workers and the business

Risk mitigation

Responses are anonymous, and workers from all backgrounds and literacy levels are afforded privacy to respond honestly without fear of retaliation. Comparing worker-sourced data with data sourced from other supply chain actors also provides a critical means of data verification and can help identify risk before it escalates.

Follow expert guidance or customize questions

Relevant question sets

diginexAPPRISE is a multilingual, audio-based, digital application that collects standardised, actionable data directly from workers.  It acts as an effective and easily implemented tool for companies looking to enable proactive, worker-led due diligence.

diginexAPPRISE has a steadily growing number of question sets covering topics such as responsible recruitment, forced labor and gender equality, all of which are readily deployable across any industry.

Question sets can also be customized for companies seeking worker-sourced data on specific issues.

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Our products

We offer diginexAPPRISE for a fixed annual fee to use one core question set, with an unlimited number of suppliers and workers, with the possibility of a support service for additional or tailored question sets. diginexAPPRISE is also fully integrated into diginexLUMEN and is FREE to use as part of your diginexLUMEN membership – providing companies with a single tool for their complete and comprehensive supply chain due diligence.

What our users say about diginexAPPRISE

I feel safe to answer the question in the app. At least I can trust that a phone can’t talk. It won’t tell others about what happened to me.


Survivor of forced labor

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is much harder than I expected. My privacy is protected when the interview is done without others knowing my answer.


Cambodian worker

I used Apprise to interview them [workers] and to get their phone number. Then I arranged to meet them later at either their house or my office. The app gives them confidence to share.


Burmese translator

How it works

Gather anonymous and reliable data directly from workers within your supply chain. Through audio-based and multilingual question sets you can gain actionable insights to manage your supply chain risk.

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Through the multi-language app, engage workers in your supply chain in any industry, anywhere in the world.


Charts, graphs and alerts help to identify risk areas and detect actual human and labour rights impacts.


Mitigate risks and remedy impacts, with workers given the option of leaving a contact number for further investigation and follow-up.


Share data with key stakeholders in a highly visual and compelling manner with pre-defined reporting templates and configurable charts for ease of reporting.

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Customer testimonials

With its simple interface & effective dashboard for analysis, we will continue to deploy APPRISE and plan to further integrate it into our social assessment processes for priority countries and suppliers.