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For asset managers and enterprise

Entity reporting is for those who want to collect and manage ESG performance across different assets, teams, or regions.
All features from diginexESG included
Assign and collect ESG data on entities
FREE to the companies you collect data on
Aggregate, benchmark and improve ESG data
Create both a report with everyone's data (Group Level) and individual reports per entity
Starting from
10 entities
Price on request
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For individual companies

diginexESG is our end-to-end ESG reporting solution. Suitable for complete beginners to reporting experts.
Unlimited reports with 12+ Frameworks
Custom reporting frameworks
Materiality assessment
Secure audit log on our resource-friendly blockchain
Scope 1, 2 and 3 calculations with diginexCLIMATE
Starting from
3 users
Price on request
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For consultants

Consultancy allows users to manage multiple client accounts and help them through their ESG reporting.
All features from diginexESG included
Clear overview of all your clients
Full data privacy for each client
Manage and access client accounts with single sign-on
Price on request
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For suppliers and SMEs

For businesses getting started or developing sustainability and human rights due diligence processes in their supply chains, diginexLUMEN offers an affordable entry-way.
Expert-built supplier assessments
Data dashboards
Automated risk-scoring
Analytics Tools
onboarding fee
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LUMENpro logo

For multinationals and large enterprises

Choose diginexLUMEN Pro for the most comprehensive supply chain due diligence. Tailored for companies requiring in-depth analysis, managing complex supply chains, and customized solutions.
Expert-built supply chain due diligence assessments
Workforce demographic survey
SAQ-builder to create supplier assessments
diginexAPPRISE integration with
multi-lingual worker surveys
Advanced analytics dashboard, scoring, data triangulation and benchmarking
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diginexAPPRISE logo

Worker-led due diligence

Workers themselves are the best source of information on their work experiences in your supply chain. Discover our time-saving, worker-led, and technology-based supply chain due diligence tools.
Included in diginexLUMEN Pro
One flat fee for an unlimited number of digital worker interviews
1 multi-lingual worker survey
Remote and in-person deployment
Worker data is displayed on interactive dashboards in real-time
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Trusted experts for next-gen ESG, climate and sustainability impact.

Tailored training sessions delivered by our in-house experts to get you started on ESG reporting.
Strategy and advisory support at every stage of your ESG reporting journey, regardless of your size or industry.
Direct access to a range of independent ESG assurance services that adapt to your budget and needs.

Contact us for white label, reseller opportunities and consultancy setup.

Resell, refer, or collaborate with diginexESG for special partnership terms and preferential price.
Diginex offers two white label solutions: Platform in a Box and Enterprise.
Customize or integrate diginexESG to your preference and business needs. We even build and digitize your own ESG framework.