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Making ESG management easier, faster and more affordable

We believe companies should spend more time improving their sustainability performance than reporting on it. That’s why we have created an intuitive, fast and affordable blockchain-enabled ESG reporting tool that facilitates the entire process and supports companies regardless of their size, industry or sustainability experience.

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The first globally accredited blockchain-enabled ESG platform,  helping companies of all sizes make their ESG journey faster, easier and more affordable.

Here's how diginexESG will support your reporting process

Our ESG platform is ISO Certified, official partner of GRI, SASB, World Economic Forum and signatory of PRI. This means our clients collaborate, share and manage their ESG data with greater transparency and security which in turn allows for greater value.

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Pick a framework or create your own framework

Reporting Frameworks

Choose from a wide range of ESG frameworks with diginex. Mix and match the world's largest frameworks or create your own customized reporting template. Tailor your disclosure and define the reporting scope to meet your company's specific needs.

diginexESG support over 15 reporting standards and frameworks. Can't find the right framework? Our team of experts is ready to assist you in customizing your reporting requirements.

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Materiality assessment

Discover ESG topics with our materiality engine. Get industry-specific recommendations for reporting, rank them through stakeholder surveys, and directly report on results.

ESG Data Management

Safeguard your data on our ISO Certified ESG platform. Our reporting solution, equipped with advanced features such as a blockchain-enabled audit log and evidence management capabilities, ensures secure and transparent data management.

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Include colleagues and stakeholders

Collaboration across teams

diginex empowers you to effortlessly manage your ESG data. Request data, tag colleagues, and communicate within the platform.


Our products

We understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to ESG reporting and data management. That's why diginexESG is specifically designed to cater to a range of use cases. Whether you're starting your ESG reporting journey, managing a multi-national portfolio, or offering consulting services, we have the solutions to meet your requirements.

We partner with organizations all around the globe that aim to gather ESG data and develop tailored ESG tools for their specific needs.

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How it works

diginexESG offers comprehensive support throughout the entire reporting process. Whether you are at the initial stage of topic discovery or aiming to quickly publish a professional report, our solutions are designed to assist you every step of the way.

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We take you through a free materiality assessment


Send materiality surveys through our stakeholder engagement module


Pick a framework, mix & match or create your custom framework


Gather data with colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers with our collaboration features


Add evidence to your data and audit the updates tracked on our immutable blockchain.


Design, export and share the report in various format

Customer testimonials

US based manufacturing company
We have particularly loved using the TCFD Framework and found it very easy to use, we notice many people do struggle to report using TCFD and for the past 2 years, we have also found this to be a problem as we were unsure of what to report on. With the help of Diginex, we have been able to identify and understand exactly what we needed to report on so this is a bonus for us! Another thing we really like about the platform is the fact that you can track data, giving you the visibility to see who owns and has sent data that will help build the report.
Senior Specialist
Corporate Social Responsibility
Moore Qatar
As leaders in our region, we note that there will be noticeable change and ESG reporting will be moving faster in 2023; specifically with updates from the likes of SASB and GRI with their revised specific standards. ESG reporting systems such as Diginex will prove to be important in leading this change. The Diginex platform is very easy to use and extremely user friendly. We loved that it was easy to navigate, especially through the different modules available. There are also a range of frameworks to use and combine, we explored SASB & GRI.
Deepa Shekar
I have found the Diginex platform to be good and very easy to use. The steps are clear and easy to follow when navigating the platform and it is user friendly. I particularly liked little key features such as when you begin data entry, the platform is intuitive in marking each disclosure as green and checked once completed; as well as the overview to see the progress of your reports by showing you a percentage of how far along you are. I found this to be very helpful.
Melissa Hazel
Associate Partner