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We partner with organizations all around the globe who are looking to collect ESG data and build customized ESG tools for their organization.

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Our B2B client solutions

Resell, refer, or collaborate with diginexESG for special partnership terms and preferential price.

diginex offers two white label solutions:

Platform in a Box

Customize or integrate diginexESG to your preference and business needs.

Collect ESG data through our white label solution

Create greater value and loyalty to your brand by providing value adding service to your client network.

Prevent greenwashing

Collect data from your client network and measure ESG performance of your portfolio. Identify companies that engage in greenwashing and conducts audits and assessments using an immutable audit trail.

Make informed decisions

Make more informed decisions related to value and risk within your client network.

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Benchmark and evaluate

Set your benchmarks for industry best practices and set up your evaluation strategy customized to your needs and more reliable than generic ESG scoring.

Set sustainability trends

Complement sustainability reporting trends and macro data analysis. Set your own targets and improvements areas per clients and industry.


Listen to The Banker's latest podcast with HSBC's Global Head of Commercial Banking Sustainability, Natalie Blyth and Mark Blick, CEO of diginex, as they discuss their partnership to provide customers with an online ESG reporting and disclosure tool, to support businesses on their sustainability journey.   

The HSBC Sustainable Business Accelerator 2023 Programme   

The HSBC Sustainable Business Accelerator is structured in 6 modules, which will be delivered between June and December, to help HSBC’s customers build an ESG strategy. Over 80 clients from 7 countries in the MENAT region have joined the 6-months programme that will help them put a measurable ESG strategy in place by the end of the year. We believe having a tailored ESG strategy will help companies develop long term value creation, cost savings, and ultimately reduce risk.

HSBC x diginex partnership

HSBC has partnered with diginex to provide their commercial banking customers in various markets with a sustainability reporting tool, allowing businesses to plan and report their ESG performance online and manage their performance against ESG indicators and globally recognized frameworks. 

Integrate with diginexESG
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Smart ways to collect data

Manual data collection is not only time-consuming, it is also prone to errors. With an integration you can easily pull data from existing systems into diginex and make sure the data collection is instant, accurate and trouble-free.The technology experts at diginex are happy to discuss custom integrations or APIs helping your data stream effortlessly.