Diginex Solutions joins the London StockExchange Issuer Marketplace

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As a member of Issuer Service Marketplace, Diginex Solutions has joined a carefully selected list of service providers, curated by LSE.
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June 15, 2023

We are proud to announce that Diginex Solutions is the latest member of the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) Issuer Services Marketplace.


This listing comes only a few weeks after we launched DiginexESG, our disruptive, blockchain-enabled sustainability reporting platform. It is already being used by companies across twelve geographies and multiple industries ranging from shipping and consultancy to retail and finance.


Amongst the users we proudly count a number of companies listed at the London Stock Exchange’s market for small and medium sized companies (AIM),looking to report according to best -practice frameworks and centralise sustainability data in a single digital platform.


LSE Issuer Service Marketplace is part of the stock exchange’s issuer services platform, a B2B digital hub for listed companies and their investors with purpose to access a wide range of solutions for their varying business needs.


As a member of Issuer Service Marketplace, Diginex Solutions has joined a carefully selected list of service providers, curated by LSE for publicly listed companies to improve aspects of their business including investor relations, data, cyber security and productivity.


This partnership is a very important step for Diginex Solutions in fulfilling its mission of helping companies of all sizes address the world’s most pressing challenges within sustainability. By using our DiginexESG reporting platform, companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will be able to make their sustainability reporting easier, faster and more affordable.

Sustainability reporting through the DiginexESG platform is:

●     Up to six times faster - with all your data on one platform, you can focus on what matters; running and growing your business.


●     95% cheaper than comparable tools - DiginexESG is fast, intuitive and affordable


●     Blockchain enabled -allowing organizations to collaborate more effectively and share your ESG data with greater transparency and security


And it makes commercial sense – read our previous blog to find out why.


In recent years, Stock Exchanges have started to take more proactive steps to enhance performance on ESG issues and encourage sustainable investment.


A good indicator of this is the growing membership base of the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative, a UN Partnership Programme organised by UNCTAD, UNEP FI and the PRI.


It’s membership list counts to date over a 100 Stock Exchanges working towards the alignment of capital market signals with public policy.


At Diginex, we perceive this to be a positive development, as Stock Exchanges are well positioned in signalling to the market that ESG performance should be taken seriously by issuers and investors.


They can encourage companies to start reporting their ESG credentials, offer valuable guidance and best practices, provide access to tools and technology to facilitate reporting and go as far as to mandate disclosure of selected topics.


At a time when investors are increasingly holding companies accountable for their sustainable practices and ESG has become a deciding factor to attract new investment, DiginexESG is a one-stop shop for companies to create tailored reports on their ESG efforts while contributing to a more sustainable future.


Check us out on the LSE Services Marketplace here.


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