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We build accessible, affordable and intelligent products to help democratize sustainability. Elevate your sustainability journey with our end-to-end ESG reporting and supply chain risk management solutions.

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Fitch Group
diginex’s product platform is a significant market enabler for companies seeking to gather, manage and disclose ESG data and for investors seeking better quality consistent ESG information.
Andrew Steel
Global Group Head of Sustainable Finance
Moore Global
Diginex are an intuitive and exceptional software tool to work with your clients on their ESG requirements. Our users find the system exceptionally easy to use, with guidance at every step of the reporting journey.
Alexa-Rae Sebba
Head of ESG Services
Inspecs Group Plc
Looking ahead, the needs of our customers will increasingly be defined by sustainable choices. ESG reporting through diginex has brought us uniformity, transparency and direction. It provides us with a framework to be able to demonstrate to all stakeholders – customers, employees, and investors – what we are doing and to be open and transparent.
Angela Eman
Inspecs Group Director of ESG
The world has entered a new era of compliance in sustainability. Is your company ready to report?

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The world of sustainability is evolving rapidly, and keeping up can be a challenge. That's why we've developed a user-friendly software solutions that helps you stay on track. Explore our products and services.

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