Diginex offers the best in market pricing through this partnership,
starting from £69/month!

We have partnered with HSBC to make your ESG management easier, faster and more affordable.

Diginex offers the best in market pricing through this partnership,starting from £69/month!

Why diginexESG?
  • We help companies complete their ESG reporting journey 6x faster.
  • We guide where to start, how to report and what to report on.
  • DiginexESG is up to 95% less expensive than comparable solutions.
  • No more messy paper trails, Outlook, Excel, Word.
  • Build reputation and trust amongst customers and business partners
  • Start today, with no prior ESG expertise needed.
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We partner with organizations all around the globe who are looking to collect ESG data and build customised ESG tools for their organisation. With the help of DiginexESG our B2B partners have the ability to:

  • Make more informed decisions related to value and risk
  • Set targets and improvement areas per client/industry
  • Benchmark industry best practices
  • Complement sustainability reporting trends and macro data analysis
  • Set up your own evaluation strategy more reliable than generic ESG scoring
  • Identify companies that engage in greenwashing

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Step 1 : Assess

Materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, industry benchmarks

Step 2 : Define

Confirm Recommended Reporting Framework, customize scope

Step 3 : Report

Request and input ESG data, collect supporting documentation, collaborate & Project Management

Step 4 : Validate

Review and approve data, access blockchain audit trail

Step 5 : Generate

Design, tailor & customize report, export & share publication