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ESG reporting is crucial for investors. Entity Reporting allows easy organization of portfolios, tracking ESG data, and creating specific reports for analysis.
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June 15, 2023

ESG reporting and analysis has become an increasingly more important step of due diligence and continued monitoring. A driving factor of importance is that the practice of considering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) based issues is a growing necessity of financial analysis required to fully understand companies that they are investing in.


So, if I am an investor, how can I easily keep track of ESG issues and data across my portfolio?

The answer is now here: DiginexESG – Entity Reporting!

Our innovative feature allows you to easily organise your Portfolio into different groups (entities) and control/assign ESG metrics specific to each group (or investment).

With Entity Reporting, you are able to create specific reporting templates or disclosures and assign them to multiple entities. Our functionality also allows our clients to:

·        Upgrade and maintain all of your previous data

·        Create multiple entities

·        Onboard users to each separate entity

·        Assign metrics and disclosures to each entity

·        Collaborate, track, compare and analyse data across your portfolio

·        All in one platform


Case Study

An investor owns a majority share in a number of businesses across several industries.

The investor would like to future-proof as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

Investors increasingly believe companies that perform well on ESG are less risky, better positioned for the long term and better prepared for uncertainty.

They would like to collect specific ESG data on all of their portfolio easily to be able to analyse and review any future risks under increasing pressure, to ensure their investment is well placed and prepared.

With Entity Reporting, our investor is able to assign the specific frameworks and disclosures that are important to them, with the ability to create individual or group level reports.


If you are interested to find out more, or would like to schedule a call with our commercial team, please get in touch with us here.

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