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June 15, 2023

We are living in a new world order where sustainability is the norm rather than the exception. After decades of damaging the environment and living in denial, the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) set the ball rolling by demonstrating that sustainability can only be achieved when everyone is involved. Realizing that the planet is at the brink of multiple disasters from global warming, wars, hunger, and loss of ecological diversity, a new era of ESG reporting has taken shape. 

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting is a new process of doing things where companies take conscious steps to ingrain sustainability into their operations. Unlike in the past, when sustainability efforts were mainly voluntary, now it is becoming mandatory, with regulatory authorities, customers, staff, and communities calling for responsible operations.

However, this is never easy, and the fact that there is no way out leaves managers and entrepreneurs wondering, "How do I get it right?” The answer is using an ESG white label. 

ESG White Label

ESG White Label Helping with Compliance

ESG reporting is a conscious process of disclosure of a company’s sustainability impacts in three areas: environmental, social, and governance. The process has to be comprehensive, foreseen by the top organs of a company and buttressing to all areas of operations. Here is a breakdown of the process. 

  • A review of the company’s risks and opportunities. 
  • Stakeholder engagement to identify preferences. 
  • Materiality assessment to pinpoint ESG material topics
  • Objective formulation and plan for implementation. 
  • Selection of the right ESG reporting framework. 
  • Data gathering. 
  • Data analysis, review, and report generation. 

Note that this is a continuous process, and it is expected to follow the standard financial reporting cycle. It is a major and challenging undertaking, especially for new companies trying to get their footing in the sustainability arena., a revered ESG white-label, can help to simplify the process of ESG sustainability reporting for your company and guarantee compliance. 

We have some of the best experts and innovative tools for ESG sustainability reporting, and you can count on us to help steer the sustainability drive in your company and optimize the benefits of sustainability. 

Why is ESG White Label So Important for Your Business?

ESG sustainability reporting is a pretty new concept, but its adoption has been tremendous. This is driven by the governments and regulatory authorities committing to courses for sustainability, such as cutting down greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and keeping the global average temperature below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. For example, the EU has set a target of cutting emission rates by 55% by 2030, while Hong Kong Stock Market (HKEX) has made sustainability reporting mandatory for all listed firms. 

The requirements for compliance are very tough, but this is not the only reason why you should work with an ESG white label. The following five scenarios indicate that you should go for expert assistance: 

  • Your company’s management team is lean or very busy with the core tasks of generating revenue. 
  • When your enterprise is scaling operations, perhaps opening a new branch in another jurisdiction where the regulatory framework for ESG reporting is different. is an ESG white label, an official partner of GRI and SASB, and can help your company prepare ESG reports no matter the location. 
  • When working towards keeping the cost of operations low for your company. 
  • When targeting to get additional skills on sustainability matters from ESG whit label professionals. 
  • To demonstrate stellar sustainability performance, avoid greenwashing, and win a bigger market share. 

What to Expect from Working with an ESG White Label: 

We only have one planet and how we take care of it determines the success of our enterprises, people, and future generations. This is why you should not just work with any party other than an ESG white label when targeting to fulfill your sustainability goals. 

At, every service and tool is developed with sustainability in mind. Our diginexESG makes it possible to complete preparing accurate and verifiable ESG reports 6X faster. Other top tools include diginexLUMEN and diginexCLIMATE. can help you to:  

Ingrain Sustainability Reporting to Your Company 

One mistake that companies make in reporting their sustainability risks is simply targeting to create an impressive report, but without making it part of the system. This model is likely to fail within a very short time. With experts, your company is helped to understand the intrinsic value of sustainability. Therefore, other than preparing high-quality reports, the best ESG white label can increase the brand’s profits, and acceptability. 

Redefine the Process of ESG Sustainability through Strategy Enrichment

What are the main strategies and processes used in your company? Bringing on board an ESG white label will help you to redefine and enrich it. For example, if your company has an inefficient production process and a high carbon footprint, can help you to enrich it. Having helped other successful brands, you can count on our professionals to pinpoint what strategy works and what does not. 

Adhering to ESG Sustainability Reporting Principles 

Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to sustainability reporting is ensuring you gather accurate data and prepare reports in line with the selected sustainability reporting framework, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). will come in handy to help your team, management, and entire company comprehend the principles of ESG sustainability reporting. 

The principles are very important because they help you create reports without the risk of getting tagged greenwashed. Here are some of the principles, which should be applied at every step of the ESG reporting process

  • Materiality. 
  • Accuracy. 
  • Continuity.
  • Verifiability. 

Future-proof Your Business’s Success with

There are proven benefits to sustainability reporting and taking climate action. With a reliable ESG white label, like, you are able to future-proof your company’s success. Diginex is ISO Certified and an Official Partner of SASB, GRI and the World Economic Forum. We help you to take proactive measures, identify issues/ risks early enough and adopt the best practices. 

Using ESG sustainability reporting software, such as DiginexESG, data gathering, analysis, and reports generation becomes easy and professional. It is also 95% cheaper, fast and intuitive. Our experts are also ready to hold your hand until your company achieves the anticipated success.

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