Introducing Entity Reporting: The Next Generation of Collaborative and Group Reporting Functionality!

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The Next Generation of Collaborative and Group Reporting! Organize users into groups, assign metrics, track, compare and analyze data - all in one platform.
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June 15, 2023

Are you struggling to manage and control ESG reporting for your team, office, vessel, region or entire company?

Look no further than diginexESG Entity Reporting! Our innovative feature allows you to easily organize users into groups (entities) and control/assign ESG metrics specific to each group.

With Entity Reporting, you can upgrade and maintain all of your previous data, create entities, onboard users, assign metrics, and collaborate, track, compare and analyze data - all in one platform.

We understand that traditional flat structures may not work for all scenarios, which is why we offer entity reporting to help you segregate data, control visibility, and provide guidance on what needs to be reported. For example, if you have a shipping company with 20 vessels, each with a distinct carbon footprint, or if you have operations in multiple regions, entities can be created to manage and track specific data.

Managing entities is a breeze with our simple and intuitive Entity Management system. Once an entity is created, users can be onboarded, and reports containing only that entity's data can be downloaded.

But that's not all! We're constantly improving and enhancing our Entity Reporting feature-set. In May, we'll be introducing quantitative data aggregation, data comparison modules, and premium accounts for entities, allowing onboarded entities to leverage the full functionality of our platform.

Upgrade your ESG reporting experience today with diginexESG Entity Reporting!

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