Diginex Solutions Launches New Disruptive ESG platform

DiginexESG provides greater accessibility for companies of all sizes to lead change and sustainability impact.

Diginex Solutions, the disruptive impact technology company helping to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, has launched DiginexESG to help companies of all sizes and reporting experience make their ESG reporting faster, easier and more affordable. The platform also enables large organisations to collect ESG data in their B2B client network, allowing them to make more educated decisions around risk, lending, and value. Discover all about our ESG solutions.

 ESG solutions : Check our digital platform

Traditionally, ESG reporting has been conducted by large organisations with big budgets and resources. With pressure increasing on companies of all sizes to report their data to customers, investors and regulators,

Diginex Solutions are making ESG reporting accessible and mainstream. SMEs to large organisations need an efficient and accurate way of reporting - to both show how they are currently performing against internationally recognised frameworks and to identify how they can improve positive impact.

DiginexESG is an accessible and affordable digital platform that lowers the barrier to entry to ESG reporting for all organisations.

The intuitive self-guided tool facilitates the entire reporting process, meaning reports can be generated six times faster than has been possible before - at a price all organisations can afford ($99 per month).

The first-ever ESG blockchain-enabled reporting tool provides a single resource for an organisation to record, report and verify its data with full transparency and security. Companies are able to generate highly professional downloadable reports, giving management teams the ability to demonstrate their ESG creds to any stakeholder at any time.

 All about GRI

The effectiveness of DiginexESG has led it to becoming the first blockchain-enabled product certified by the GRI. The GRI is an international independent standards organisation that helps institutions understand and communicate their impact on issues such as climate change, human rights, and diversity.

DiginexESG has already seen application in 12 different markets including the US, UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile.

Mark Blick, CEO at Diginex Solutions said, “Diginex Solutions builds frontier-pushing tech to help companies tackle global challenges. Our technology provides businesses, who want to do better, with the tools that both help them be more responsible, and to realise the commercial benefits of ESG solutions.

 ESG is challenging but we are here to help

The current landscape of ESG reporting is challenging for many organisations - particularly SMEs - requiring huge consultancy fees, time and resources that distracts from day-to-day activity.

The DiginexESG platform quite simply takes away those challenges and does all the heavy lifting for them. It’s like Docusign, Dropbox, TurboTax or Slack hardcoded for ESG reporting!”

Mirjam Groten, Chief Business Development Officer, GRI, said: “We welcome that DiginexESG has achieved GRI software and tools certification, meaning they are authorized to use GRI Standards content in their software solution in order to help companies easily develop robust and transparent ESG reporting according to GRI’s best practice guidelines.

We also celebrate the efforts of Diginex Solutions in their mission to provide support and technology solutions to companies that are new to sustainability reporting.”




Notes to editors:

About Diginex Solution 

Diginex Solutions is a disruptive impact tech business helping organisations to address the world’s most pressing sustainability issues, utilising the latest blockchain technology to lead change and increase transparency.

Diginex’s frontier-pushing SaaS products are used by both companies and governments to tackle challenges including supply chain management, labour rights, due diligence, and corporate environmental responsibility. Its technology provides businesses who want to do better with the tools that both help them be more responsible, and to realise the commercial benefits of ESG, including greater efficiency, reduced corporate risk, and increased ability to attract and secure investment. By using its technology to understand the impact of their operations, organisations can future proof their business models and accelerate growth, while contributing to a better future.

Founded in 2017, with a global team of over 60 technology and impact experts, Diginex is scaling rapidly and is a technology partner to major players around the world including Coca-Cola and the United Nations. Its products and platforms stand out as a new approach in the consulting-heavy world of sustainability, with a focus on using the latest innovations such as blockchain and AI to collect and validate data and, in the process, making ESG more affordable and accessible.



ESG: Environmental, social and corporate governance

B2B: Business to Business

SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises

GRI: Global Reporting Initiative