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June 15, 2023

The ability to successfully manage and accurately report environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts is a depiction of strong corporate leadership. ESG reporting is an emerging strong mark of quality and good practices that help to enhance a company’s sustainability and operation design. The concept is evolving fast to become mandatory as new laws and policies take effect. To become compliant, win over your stakeholders, and sustain a competitive advantage with sustainability reporting, you need the right governance ESG software. 

This post offers insights into sustainability management software, outlining what ESG reporting is, the importance of using the right program, and the features of a good app. It is time to take your business to the next level with the best sustainability apps. 

Governance ESG Software

What is ESG Reporting?

ESG sustainability reporting is the disclosure of a company's data covering its operations in three core areas; environmental, social, and corporate governance. It offers a snapshot of a company's impacts on investors, clients, and wider stakeholders. The main value of ESG reporting is that it helps companies consider their impacts on sustainability, helping them to operate more transparently about the opportunities and risks facing them. 

Although sustainability reporting can be traced back to the last decade of the 20th century during the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNICED), it is only recently that it has started receiving more focus. The importance of ESG intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, which showed us how vulnerable firms could be in case of a crisis. Here are other benefits of ESG sustainability reporting

  • Helps to streamline regulatory compliance. 
  • Cuts down operating costs. 
  • It is an excellent way to understand a company’s risks and opportunities. 
  • Improves engagement with stakeholders. 
  • Guarantees stronger customer loyalty. 
  • Better employees’ engagement.

Why You Need to Have the Right Governance ESG Software for Your Company 

For your business to reap the benefits we have listed above, you need to prepare high-quality reports with the stakeholder in mind. This is never easy and you should work with appropriate governance ESG software. Here are other reasons why you need to work with the right program: 

  • Gathering Data can be Complex 

The whole process of ESG sustainability reporting revolves around data. The challenge comes from the fact that you might be dealing with data on different parameters and sources. Some of the data categories that you might need to track include emissions reduction, adoption of green energy, social initiatives in the community, and product redesign. HR development, policy support, and strategies targeting future challenges are also part of the data. 

When you throw the standard operations of the company, gathering data becomes pretty complex. Good governance ESG APP makes it possible to correctly track all the metrics, analyze them, and prepare top-notch reports. 
  • Governance ESG Software Makes It Possible to Prepare Verifiable Reports

To make your ESG report outstanding, the information presented therein must be verifiable. This means that your stakeholders will be able to all counter check details for conviction. With an appropriate app, it becomes easy to trace, say, greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions reduction, from all points. So, stakeholders will be able to identify the challenges, progress, and results. 

Do not leave stakeholders trying to join the dots to understand what you want to mean with the report. Let the software help you prepare a report that will vividly demonstrate every sustainability effort. 

  • Helps in Building Continuity 

One of the principles of ESG reporting is continuity. This means that your work in this financial year has to build on the achievements of the previous year. With the right governance ESG software, it becomes easy to use metrics to bridge all ESG achievements.

It helps to demonstrate to stakeholders how effectively you are moving towards long-term goals. This might be the point that investors want to see to select your company as opposed to the competitor.

What Features Should Good Governance ESG Software Have? 

Now that you know the main reasons for using governance ESG software, there is one more thing that you need to do: select the right app. To pick the best software for ESG reporting, here are the main features to check: 

  • It should be cloud-based and mobile-friendly to make it easy to access ESG data from any place and with multiple devices. 
  • Pick only the app that is user-friendly so that your team can rapidly apply it in setting the strategies, gathering data, and preparing reports. It should also allow you to follow pre-set ESG key performance indicators
  • Provides for complex analytics. After data gathering, the governance ESG software should have inbuilt analytics to help you make all analyses and develop high-quality reports. 
  • Good customer support. Like other apps out there, you should only work with an ESG program developed by professionals who are ready to offer progressive support. So, confirm that the company releases regular updates for the app and has full-time support to assist clients when stuck. 

These are only a few attributes that you should look for when selecting high-quality governance ESG software. has some of the best governance ESG software options for your company. In addition to the attributes we have listed above, the apps will easily integrate with your management system and automate data gathering. Talk to our experts today for more on ESG sustainability management applications. 

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