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Do you have a business or manage a company and have been wondering how to take it to the next level?
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June 15, 2023

Do you have a business or manage a company and have been wondering how to take it to the next level? The best method is to look at what stakeholders want and deliver it to them. This will not only grow sales and increase revenue, but also strengthen your brand’s image both locally and internationally. To achieve this, you need to work with the best ESG reseller, is a company on a mission to help your organization adopt sustainability and use it to grow to the next level. Today, more than any other time in the past, sustainability reporting is becoming very important and mandatory, but you need to move beyond reporting for more benefits, and this is why you need the right ESG reseller

Best ESG Reseller

How Does ESG Reporting Work?

The question of "what is ESG sustainability reporting?" is very common for corporations. It is an emerging concept that has gained so much momentum over the last few years. ESG sustainability reporting is the disclosure of a company’s information on its operations in the environmental, social, and governance areas.

From governments to customers, every stakeholder wants to be associated with a company that is responsible. 80% of the world’s biggest companies today are reporting their exposure to physical or market transition risks that are associated with climate change. Also, 76% of consumers say they will stop purchasing from companies that poorly treat the environment, community, and employees. This is a growing trend that is expected to become the bottom line for all organizations. 

ESG reporting is a conscious process, which means that you have to review the operations of your company and define the course for sustainability.

Stakeholders want to see a systematic reduction in carbon footprint, reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, diversity in the workplace, and support for social justice.

Then, this information must be presented in a concise and verifiable way. 

Here is a summary of the requirements for ESG sustainability reporting for your company. 

  • Understanding the company’s processes, risks and opportunities. 
  • Organization’s stakeholders have to express preferences on what the company should target. Remember, they are the primary target for your ESG report. 
  • Understanding of financial materiality in company operations. 
  • Skills in ESG sustainability reporting. This is critical in ensuring you create the best report. One way to get this right is by working with an ESG reseller
  • A good ESG framework and sustainability reporting software. The app simplifies the process of gathering data and ensuring that every detail is verifiable. The Best ESG Reseller has stood out for its commitment and ability to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. As an ESG reseller, holds the view that businesses should use more time to improve their performance than simply reporting it. Here are unique things you only get at 

  • ESG Sustainability Reporting Tools to Simplify ESG Reporting Process 

At we are always looking for and developing new products that can help to make sustainability easy to achieve, intuitive and affordable. One of the latest is the blockchain-enabled ESG reporting tool, DiginexESG, which is designed to facilitate the process. This tool works with companies of all sizes. 

  • Partnership with Globally Accredited Organizations 

Starting from 1992, when the concept of sustainability was brought to the fore, it has been foreseen by globally accredited organizations. For example, the Global Reporting Initiative, which was the pioneer in the field of sustainability management, is one of the most popular and respected organizations. To give your company’s ESG report, brand image, and products the reputation that comes with these globally accredited ESG organizations, has partnered with them. Here are some of the partners working with on ESG reporting.

  1. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). 
  2. Standards Accounting Sustainability Board (SASB). 
  3. World Economic Forum. 
  • Offers the Best Sustainability Reporting Software for ESG Reporting

When it comes to sustainability reporting, one of the most important things is data. has some of the best ESG sustainability reporting software and other tools for you. The apps simplify the process of gathering data, analyzing it, and help to create high-quality reports. 

The most notable attribute of the software from is that it allows automation in data gathering.

It integrates with business management systems to pull out important metrics for your company’s ESG report. Also, it works well with different ESG reporting frameworks and allows for scalability.

  • Assistance from Experts in ESG Sustainability Reporting has won the tag best ESG reseller because it works with a passionate team of experts. These professionals have been in the industry and helped other brands to achieve their sustainability goals and surpass them. They are driven by the mission of helping companies to do better, be more responsible, and realize the commercial benefits of ESG sustainability reporting. 

The experts are flexible and focused, making it possible to help every organization, no matter its size or industry. They come and assist you to rethink the operational strategies and support a shift to data-driven decision making. This way, your company is able to look ahead, identify risks, and craft solutions to enhance resilience in revenue generation. 

Special Benefits of Using an ESG Reseller

The things we have listed above are only possible when you work with, the best ESG reseller. So, here are the main benefits to anticipate from working with us:

  • Better compliance with both local and international policies and standards on sustainability management. 
  • For listed companies, especially in top stock markets like HKEX and NYSE, helps to ensure they comply with their stringent ESG reporting requirements
  • Working with an ESG reseller builds credibility of your brand, products, and services. This will thrust your company right ahead of the competition. 
  • You are sure of running a company with happy employees, retaining the best talents, and increasing the efficiency of operations with a large margin. 
  • helps companies to connect with global initiatives aimed at solving issues like global warming.

Success in your company today is only possible when your operations, from production to financial management, are crafted with sustainability in mind. can hold your hand, helping your brand to reimagine its design, accelerate growth, and achieve the espoused success. Talk to our professionals now for all the assistance you need on ESG. 

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