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June 15, 2023

It has been about 20 years since the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was held in South Africa, but the planet is still on a path to destruction. With challenges like global warming, wars, and famines becoming way too common, it is time to engage the next gear in promoting sustainability. Indeed, new policies and laws are all calling for sustainability reporting, but it is not easy for companies because of the technicalities involved. This is why you should consider using the services of ESG consulting firms.

These are companies with experts in ESG matters and are ready to help you comply and get more from sustainability.

This guide will show you how to identify the best sustainability reporting agency for your company. 

Best Expert Services in ESG Consulting

The Danger of Getting it Wrong in ESG Reporting 

ESG reporting can appear like a pretty straightforward thing, but the process is pretty complex. For example, you might be tempted to simply document the actions taken by your company and say, "look, we are doing this to save the planet!" However, stakeholders want to see a report that is accurate and information verifiable. If you do it without the technical expertise and get it wrong, here are the dangers: 

  • Your report could get labeled greenwashed, resulting in a huge loss of investors, customers, and other stakeholders. 
  • There is a risk of missing the opportunity for a comprehensive company review to identify major challenges and address them. 
  • For a company listed in stock markets like HKEX and NYSE, getting it wrong with ESG reporting could mean delisting. 
  • Your license could get canceled for failure to strictly follow the policies and guidelines for ESG reporting
  • If you do the ESG reporting incorrectly, this could give your competitors the opportunity to shine more, win a bigger market share, and even push your company out of the market. 

Things to Check When Hiring Expert Services in ESG Consulting

The most important thing to check when looking for professional services in ESG consulting is expertise. So, check the profile of the selected firm to confirm their experts are qualified and have ample experience to assist your enterprise. Here are other things to help you identify the best agency: 

  • The firm should be committed to helping your company achieve its goals and targets. 
  • The professionals you engage should have the latest ESG software to simplify the process of sustainability reporting. 
  • In addition to helping you follow the right process in ESG sustainability reporting, the experts should also be ready to assist in drawing a better company strategy. 
  • Look for services in ESG consulting that include staff training to equip your staff with important skills. This will come in handy to ensure your company will be able to report on sustainability issues in the coming years. 
  • Since the agency will be interacting with your system and company data, ensure the experts can guarantee top-notch data security and confidentiality

You Can Count on for Your ESG Reporting Needs ticks right in all the attributes we have listed above. We are industry leaders and no matter what is so challenging about sustainability, can help you solve it. Our goal is to help companies realize their sustainability dreams, comply with policies in their jurisdictions, and be proud of their efforts in making the planet a better place. 

So, do you want help with the entire ESG reporting process or just a part of it? Are you looking for the right ESG reporting software for your firm? Our services in ESG consulting have the answers that you need. 

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