Risk Management

Tackling Modern Slavery Risks in the Garment, Toy, Agriculture and Consumer Goods Sector

Thailand, Malaysia, GCC

eMin is a block-chain enabled platform that keeps a secure and immutable record of worker contracts, and also encourages brands and suppliers to exercise stronger due diligence over the recruitment process with direct worker communication through worker surveys. 

eMin also includes an investigation and case management function that assists employer’s remediation.  

It also includes a dashboard with data analytics for human resources managers.  

We deployed eMin in 2019 across 17 shrimp farms in Thailand’s aquaculture industry with support from Verifik8, a data intelligence and analytics provider that screens and monitors agribusiness suppliers.  

To ensure enhanced user experience, both employers and workers were provided continual training.  

Following this successful roll-out, eMin was subsequently integrated into Verifik8’s data intelligence software with the ultimate goal of targeting up to 5000 migrant workers in remote or challenging locations (e.g. agriculture and fishing).  

Because of eMin’s agility, it can be a standalone or integrated application that can be rolled out across a diverse range of industries and scale, new geographies and other sectors.  

To date, eMin has been adopted by brands and retailer in the agriculture (aquaculture, rice, sugar cane), manufacturing (toys and apparel) and services sectors