diginexLUMEN - Powering a new era of scalable supply chain due diligence

Are you ready to drive change within your supply chain with diginexLUMEN?

Demand for companies of all sizes to start their supply chain sustainability journey exceeds the capabilities of businesses to supply it

Supply chain sustainability takes yourcompany forward

  • Build reputation and trust among buyers
  • Appeal to investors and attract capital
  • Identify potential risks
  • Increase transparency and traceability
  • Generate positive impact on planet
  • Create competitive advantage

Get started on your supply chain sustainability journey with diginexLUMEN

Why diginexLUMEN?

  • Affordable: Onboard unlimited users and suppliers for a flat fee starting at $3k USD
  • Efficient: Standardized, expert-built assessments that take less than 30 minutes to complete
  • Transparent: Connect with and manage unlimited suppliers all on one platform
  • Automated: Evaluatesupplier risk with proprietary AI-based riskscoring& benchmarkingcapabilities
  • Improve: Verify data with worker voice tech and drive supplier performance with CAP management

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