Diginex Solutions partners with The Santiago Chamber of Commerce to lead sustainable business in Chile

Members of CCS will have access to the DiginexESG platform to undertake sustainability reporting and become more competitive on the international market

Wednesday 9th June 2021 - Diginex Solutions has partnered with Cámara de Comercio de Santiago (CCS) to provide the DiginexESG platform to its members. The partnership will help Chilean companies of all sizes to report against their sustainability metrics in a faster, easier and more affordable way, making them more competitive on the international market. The partnership will see to that DiginexESG is launched in Spanish to facilitate how CCS can drive sustainability forward amongst its members.  


The CCS is a not-for-profit trade union organization with a membership of more than 2,400companies that from large enterprises to start-ups, across Chile’s main economic sectors. Its mission is to support the business development of Chile by providing its members with a range of products and services to help them improve their management and become more competitive in the market.


The CCS has a special focus on supporting the needs of small and medium-sized companies, who make up the majority of its membership. It has defined business sustainability as one of its strategic objectives, to promote a balance between economic contribution and positive environmental, social and governance impacts, creating long-term value for business sectors, the country and the planet.


It has partnered with Diginex Solutions to provide all its members access to its cutting-edge environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting platform, DiginexESG. DiginexESG is an accessible and affordable self-guided digital platform that makes ESG reporting easy for SMEs. Companies are able to produce high-quality reports on their sustainability six times faster than was possible before and95% cheaper than comparable tools.

DiginexESG has done a lot of the heavy lifting for the user by including recommended sustainability topics based on materiality assessment, customisation options, blockchain audit trail, timesaving and collaboration functionalities. This enables companies to demonstrate and improve their ESG credentials, helping Chilean companies benefit from the many commercial advantages of ESG impact and to continue leading sustainability in the Latin American region.


Veronica Torres Puentes, Sustainability Manager at CCS says: “CCS’s members now have access to world-leading ESG reporting capabilities, making them more competitive in international markets and further establishing Chile as a global leader in sustainability.”


Mark Blick, CEO of Diginex Solutions commented: “The DiginexESG solution is a new approach to sustainability that utilises the latest innovation, such as blockchain technology and AI, to make ESG more affordable and accessible. The Santiago Chamber of Commerce’s forward thinking approach to sustainability will help its members realise the commercial benefits of ESG including greater efficiency, reduced corporate risk, and increased ability to attract and secure investment. We are delighted to have this opportunity to help Chilean SMEs to become frontrunners in ESG reporting.”





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About Diginex Solutions


Diginex Solutions is a disruptive impact tech business helping organisations to address the world’s most pressing sustainability issues, utilising the latest blockchain technology to lead change and increase transparency.


Diginex’s frontier-pushing SaaS products are used by both companies and governments to tackle challenges including supply chain management, labour rights, due diligence, and corporate environmental responsibility. Its technology provides businesses who want to do better with the tools that both help them be more responsible, and to realise the commercial benefits of ESG, including greater efficiency, reduced corporate risk, and increased ability to attract and secure investment. By using its technology to understand the impact of their operations, organisations can future proof their business models and accelerate growth, while contributing to a better future.


Founded in 2017, with a global team of over 60technology and impact experts, Diginex is scaling rapidly and is a technology partner to major players around the world including Coca-Cola and the United Nations. Its products and platforms stand out as a new approach in the consulting-heavy world of sustainability, with a focus on using the latest innovations such as blockchain and AI to collect and validate data and, in the process, making ESG more affordable and accessible.