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As sustainability reporting in business becomes more important, how you track related activities is becoming even more important.
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June 15, 2023

What is the one thing that your company needs most to become successful in the next five or ten years? Some say product development, while others mention marketing and expansion into new markets. That is okay, but no matter your target, you need to include ESG sustainability reporting. All you need to know about the Best Sustainability Tracking Software is just below.

Today, more than at any other moment in the past, your companies’ stakeholders want to be associated with responsible brands. Investors will only inject more funds into your company when they see ESG sustainability reports showing commitment to the environment, good labour practises, and top-notch management. Your clients, community, and staff also want to be associated with sustainable businesses.

This is why you need the right ESG sustainability tracking software to capture all the details and generate accurate reports (know more about ESG consulting). 

In this post, we take a closer look at sustainability reporting to demonstrate the key core attributes of a good program. Do not just pick any app; go for the best:

All about the Best Sustainability Tracking Software

Before looking at the main attributes to check for when selecting an ESG sustainability app, let’s start by digging deeper into the concept. So, what exactly is ESG sustainability reporting? All about SBTI on this article.

This is the disclosure of a company’s performance in three main areas: environmental, social, and governance. The aim is to create a report that showcases your company’s performance so that stakeholders can make the big decision about the organisation. One thing you need to appreciate about sustainability reporting is that it is by far more than creating a report. Here are the main benefits of using ESG sustainability reporting (discover our ESG software). 

  • It is an excellent way to win the support and engagement of stakeholders for your business. 
  • Can help your company to comply with different laws and policies. 
  • An excellent way to understand a company’s risks and opportunities. 
  • Excellent for defining a company’s future through profit optimization and cost reduction. 

Selecting the Best Sustainability Tracking Software 

Sustainability reports that you create for stakeholders must present the gathered data accurately. Therefore, the software you select should help you achieve high data integrity to avoid greenwashing. Other attributes to check when selecting a sustainability tracking software are:

  • Easy Data Tracking 

The moment you start the process of ESG reporting, most of the things from there will revolve around data. That's why getting the Best Sustainability Tracking Software is a no brainer. This is because this data will be used for analysis, drawing reports, and progressive review for improvement. Therefore, the software should allow you to track the areas of interest and report them correctly (click here to know more about ESG report).. 

To follow different parameters, such as company performance and staff-related reports, the software you select should also integrate with the company's management system. This can also help reduce the work you will need to do. Instead of keying in the data on company performance manually, the software picks it automatically to increase accuracy (all about GRI Standards).

  • Integrated Analytics 

When you gather data about your company’s sustainability efforts, it will not be ready for presentation in the report until it is analysed correctly. This is why you should only work with a sustainability tracking app that integrates analytics for prompt analysis. This means that whether it is data about emissions, social activism, and product redesign, quantifying it will be way easy for your reporting efforts. 

  • Secure 

Whenever you think of software that integrates with your management system, it is imperative to factor in security. The goal is to identify apps that guarantee top-notch security for your data. To know this, you should check for key security features, such as restricted logins, two-factor authentication, and regular updates. Responsive customer support also comes in handy to help enhance the app's security. 

As sustainability reporting in business becomes more important, how you track related activities is becoming even more important. This post has demonstrated the most important attributes that you should look for in a good ESG sustainability reporting software. Visit for the best sustainability programs and support. You can never go wrong with experts on your side.  Ready to get the Best Sustainability Tracking Software?

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