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Is your company better suited to multiple frameworks? Can you even do that? What if we at Diginex were to tell you that you could!
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June 15, 2023

As companies are held to a higher level of scrutiny for their impacts on the environment and society, the best practices for reporting on these impacts continue to evolve. Unfortunately, the rapid rate of advancement in the field of ESG reporting has created an explosion of new acronyms, frameworks, and guidance that can leave many sustainability practitioners feeling overwhelmed.

While the field of ESG reporting matures, more organizations are selecting a small handful of frameworks to drive their sustainability reporting efforts. The frameworks we are seeing used most include GRI, SASB, and TCFD. By using a variety of reporting frameworks, organizations can provide a more comprehensive view of their sustainability performance. With common stakeholder groups such as investors, customers, and regulators often having very different priorities and information needs, utilizing multiple frameworks can help ensure that the organization's information needs are adequately addressed.

However, using multiple frameworks at once can be challenging.

Historically, sustainability reporting professionals have spent countless hours scrolling through hundreds of pages of guidance and data tables, manually gathering and comparing ESG indicators across different frameworks.

Diginex streamlines this process by allowing indicators from frameworks such as GRI, SASB, and TCFD to be selected, combined, and ultimately used to create a report that resonates with the unique information needs of an organization's stakeholders.

For example, if an organization is interested in using GRI as the main framework for their sustainability reporting but also has increasing investor pressure to include specific SASB metrics, they can simply add those metrics. If they feel that the GRI indicators around climate change fall short of satisfying their climate-governance requirements, they can add in the TCFD governance indicators to bolster their climate reporting.

Whether you're a first-time reporter considering releasing your inaugural report or a seasoned reporting team getting ready for another sustainability reporting season, Diginex can help you quickly select the indicators you want, from across the most important frameworks you use, to deliver high-quality reporting to your most important stakeholders.

Why don't you give it a go and create your very first custom framework?

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