Mining for the Future: Addressing ESG and responsible sourcing in the mining industry on Thursday 29th May at 15:00 BST

Join our webinar on May 29th to explore ESG reporting, responsible sourcing, and human rights in the mining industry.
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May 13, 2024

The mining industry is at a crossroads. With increasing mandatory reporting and regulation requirements, companies must adapt to a new era of transparency and accountability. But how can mining professionals navigate these changes and make a meaningful impact?

Join us on Thursday, 29th May at 15:00 BST for our upcoming webinar, "Mining for the Future: Addressing ESG and responsible sourcing in the mining industry." This interactive discussion will bring together mining professionals, ESG experts, and responsible sourcing specialists to explore the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

What to Expect:

  • Insights into mandatory ESG and supply chain regulations for mining companies
  • A deep dive into the complexities of ethical supply chain management, including human rights considerations
  • Opportunities for technology to drive transparency and efficiency in reporting and due diligence
  • A moderated panel chat with industry experts and thought leaders

Meet Our Speakers:

  • Ola Dickinson, Manager Responsible Sourcing, Umicore Battery Materials
  • Luke Smitham, Senior Manager, Kumi Consulting
  • Jessica Camus-Demarche, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at diginex (Webinar Moderator)
  • Markus Selkirk, Global ESG & Sustainability Reporting Specialist, diginex
  • Emily Day, Global Sustainability Specialist, diginex

Our Goal:

By the end of this webinar, you'll gain a clearer understanding of ESG reporting standards in the mining sector, the human rights issues that matter most, and the gaps between reporting and reality. You'll leave with actionable insights and practical strategies to drive meaningful change in your organization.

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- When: Thursday, 29th May at 15:00 BST
- What to Expect: Insights, discussion, and actionable strategies for a more sustainable mining industry
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