Entity Reporting: For Multi-National Companies (MNCs)

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Streamline ESG data collection in Multi-National Companies (MNCs) with DiginexESG's Entity Reporting. Easily organize, assign, and compare data across entities.
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April 25, 2024

Companies all around the world can and often do have complex organizational structures that include offices across multiple locations, countries and continents. Whilst a company could be headquartered in the USA, there may be operating sites across Europe, Africa and ASIA as part of their portfolio or operations. For those companies in the current climate of ESG Reporting, those separate locations may now be required to report ESG data against specific frameworks that may differ dependent on where they are based.

For example, The European Commission is expected to adopt the first set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) imminently, requiring EU companies to report against specific ESG metrics and data points. However, with the imminent release of ISSB, or the existing popular frameworks such as GRI, SASB or TCFD, it may be that counterparts of an organization in different locations must also collect data against various frameworks.

This in our experience has raised the question, ‘’How can we effectively collect ESG data in Multi-National Companies?’’

The answer is now here: DiginexESG – Entity Reporting!


Our innovative feature allows you to easily organise your Portfolio into different groups (entities) and control/assign ESG metrics specific to each group (or investment).

With Entity Reporting, you are able to create specific reporting templates or disclosures and assign them to multiple entities.

Our functionality also allows our clients to:.

  • Upgrade and maintain all of your previous data
  • Create multiple entities
  • Onboard users to each separate entity
  • Assign metrics and disclosures to each entity
  • Collaborate, track, compare and analyse data across your portfolio
  • All in one platform


Case Study Example

A tech company is HQ’d in Europe, but operates globally across the USA, Latin America, Europe and ASIA.

They have offices across each of the regions, with some offices and operations larger than others.

The head of sustainability understands that they must report against mandatory disclosures and frameworks, however requirements differ between regions. They would like to be able to collect the relevant ESG data regularly to produce individual and group level reports in one place.

Our client is now able to create the organizational structure in Diginex, assign users to each of those entities, and assign specific disclosures from multiple frameworks.

The varied locations are now able to collect and report the relevant data per entity, contributing to both their own individual reports, and an overall parent company level report.


If you are interested to find out more, or would like to schedule a call with our commercial team, please get in touch with us here.

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