Customised ESG Advisory Services for Your Company

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ESG advisory services for corporate entities are offered by professionals to help companies follow the right path to achieve sustainability goals.
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June 15, 2023

The United Nations (UN), regional blocs like the EU, individual governments, capital markets, and other stakeholders across the globe have intensified their call for responsible corporate operations. These are being transformed into policies and laws that companies and organisations need to meet to make the planet a better place. Regardless of the type of company or industry, you have to adopt sustainability and report to stakeholders, but this is never easy. 

New organisations often find crafting environmental, social, and corporate (ESG) policies and sustainability reporting challenging because they are relatively new concepts. Even for brands or firms that have already adopted ESG reporting, implementing it in the subsequent years can still be a big challenge because of the changing policies. The best way to get it right on sustainability management is by using ESG advisory services. Keep reading to learn more about ESG advisory, including customised services and how to identify the best firm for your company’s sustainability needs. 

ESG Challenges Faced by Companies 

One of the dangers facing the adoption of sustainability is greenwashing. This is a false presentation, whether accidental or intentional, of ESG information of companies to win the support of investors or customers. Trying to handle ESG matters alone when you do not have expertise is likely to result in greenwashing and loss of business support at the local and global levels. In the capital markets, greenwashing can make your business miss important opportunities to raise capital.

In many instances, greenwashing arises from inaccuracy and failure to make information verifiable, but you can address this through solutions by ESG advisory services. Other ESG challenges faced by companies include:

  • High Cost of ESG Reporting. 
  • Difficulty in identifying the right frameworks for ESG reporting.
  • Lack of Expertise on ESG Matters. 
  • Rapidly changing ESG-related laws and policies. 

Custom ESG Advisory Services for Your Company

ESG advisory services for corporate entities are offered by professionals to help companies follow the right path to achieve sustainability goals. The experts not only understand the process of ESG reporting but also have a lot of experience you can count on for insights to build a positive image for your brand and win the support of stakeholders. Here is a highlight of the customised ESG advisory services that you can source from experts. 

  • Assess and Develop Your ESG Strategy  

For your company to operate sustainably, it must have a good ESG strategy. The right ESG advisory services can help you to understand the concept and process of ESG and craft a good policy. The experts will be able to carry out a needs assessment to determine what is required of your board for compliance, reporting and better sustainability-related results. The experts will advise you the approach to adopt in the production line, marketing, risk management, data handling and all other parts for a higher ESG rating. 

  • Measure ESG Progress and Promote Adjustments 

One notable thing about sustainability is that it is a progressive process. At any moment, a company builds on the achievements of the previous reporting phase. To achieve the pre-set ESG goals and targets that will impress investors and win support of more clients, ESG advisory services can help you in evaluating and making adjustments to your ESG policies. The experts know how to review gaps and alternatives to use in every aspect to get a high ESG rating. 

  • Net-Zero Management 

Cutting down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and addressing climate change is a top priority for most authorities and management of investment funds. The UN has called on governments to adopt strategies that can help achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Therefore, the policies being passed by individual governments require careful management to rhyme with the call from the UN, but this is a tall order for many companies. With ESG advisory services, you will be advised on the best methods to reduce all categories of emissions. 

The experts can assist you to start with less expensive but impactful actions, such as changing lamps to more energy efficient models and going paperless. Then, you can consolidate funds over a period of several years to acquire new machinery and shift to renewable energy sources. The smooth net-zero carbon emissions target management means that you are sure of optimising the benefits from every ESG success as the company grows. 

  • ESG Reporting/ Disclosures 

One of the core goals of adopting sustainability is to demonstrate to stakeholders that the company is working hard toward improving the environment, society and governance. To demonstrate this, ESG advisory services can help you in picking the best sustainability management software, gathering ESG data, and creating top-notch ESG reports. The experts can also help to train your staff on ESG matters. 

How to Identify the Best ESG Advisory Services 

  • Only work with an agency of experts with qualified and experienced ESG personnel. 
  • The agency should be committed to helping your company achieve its ESG goals. 
  • The best agency should be licensed to offer advisory services in your region. 
  • The firm should be accredited internationally to give credibility to your company’s ESG results. 
  • A good firm should have dedicated customer support. 

One of the firms that you can count on for all your ESG and other sustainability-related works is For years, the agency has dedicated its focus to creating the best strategies for helping companies achieve their sustainability goals. For example, you can use their advanced sustainability management programs, such as diginexESG and diginexCLIMATE, for better results from your efforts. Contact them now for all the ESG advisory services that your company needs. 

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