Josefine Bin Jung

Chief Commercial Officer

"We can really make a difference through scale. I’m excited to bring impact tech and commercial efforts together, to help companies maximise results and sustainability performance based on data-driven optimisation"

Josefine is the Chief Commercial Officer at Diginex, based in Hong Kong. She was brought in as a commercial expert to scale the business and help disrupt the field of Impact Tech and Sustainability.

Prior to joining Diginex, Josefine is born and raised in commercial roles having owned P&L for most of her career. She is a person who thrives on results and data-driven optimisation and has a proven track-record of successfully leading international teams through organisational change, significant business turnaround, growth and expansion. Having spent the majority of her career within one of the world’s most competitive industries, Online Gambling, where she was Head of Commercial Operations for a $2bn company, she is an expert on how to position a brand, gain market share and scale a business.

Josefine is an avid supporter of women’s empowerment and wrote a published thesis on Female Leadership. She is also a Board member of a Fem-tech company which was in 2021 taken to IPO, focusing on IVF, supporting women and Health-tech.

Josefine was a key person in establishing The Hunger Project in Sweden, a global organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. She holds both a Master of Science in Business Administration & Economics from Sweden, as well as a Bachelor in Human Behaviour & Psychology. She completed her MBA studies in the USA.

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