Financial Services

We believe institutional flow is poised to drive the next phase of exponential growth in digital assets. Enabling this flow requires a comprehensive, professionally managed ecosystem of investment tools and services to deliver liquidity and stability to digital asset markets.

Our leadership team brings decades of experience operating in highly regulated sectors, spanning investment banking, venture capital, and FinTech in sales, trading, and operations. We uphold institutional compliance standards and maintain open, ongoing dialogue with all local government entities to ensure that our clients’ investments remain ahead of the regulatory curve.

Solutions & Advisory

The emergence of private, distributed ledger technology brings with it near limitless possibility for optimizing and creating enterprise value across industries.

Our team of professional advisors and blockchain developers take a bespoke approach to each client engagement, understanding the underlying needs, opportunities, and priorities in order to deliver purpose-fit solutions that create real impact.

Our public sector work includes innovative partnerships with government agencies and non-government organizations. Together we are addressing critical societal challenges in areas such as voter access, online identity management, and migrant workers’ rights.

HPC Infrastructure

Our global network of data centres comprises best-in-class facilities strategically situated across Asia and Europe, providing Diginex and our clients with high-performance computing capabilities, colocation, and blockchain transaction approval infrastructure.

We operate over 50,000 GPU servers across our data centre portfolio with over 10 petaflops of peak performance.

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