EQUOS has been designed to improve a lot of the capital efficiency issues and institutional gaps present in the crypto industry. With a focus on product innovation, EQUOS is rolling out Segregation of Duties and a range of other improved products. EQUOS has been built with a focus on regulatory compliance operating out of Singapore under an exemption granted under the PSA (Payment Services Act) from MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).



Capital Markets

Diginex Capital is a boutique securitization advisory firm in the United Kingdom operating as an authorized representative under an FCA regulated entity, providing advisory, origination, and distribution services. We are focused on the advancement of digital securities (STOs) and work with originators, regulators, and investors to further the growth of the digital asset industry.


Digivault has been built by specialists from government security and banking infrastructure technology teams to provide cold and warm custody solutions from the vaults of global vault provider Malca Amit. Digivault is CREST certified and Cyber Essential Plus accredited. Digivault is based in the United Kingdom.



Asset Management

Under the Bletchley Park brand, the group has a licensed asset management entity in Hong Kong and an independent asset management business in Switzerland: Diginex SA, which is a member of the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers (ARIF), a Self-Regulatory Organisation recognized by the FINMA. Through a multimanager approach it focuses on market neutral, alpha-centric strategies from liquidity provision to arbitrage, and quantitative to fundamental long short.


Trading and Portfolio Management Solutions (PMS)

Access is a multi-venue trading platform with a full suite of Algorithmic trading programs integrated with the largest exchange platforms globally, providing institutional and professional retail clients a full PMS from two of the world’s largest trading technology providers: FIS and ITIVITI.



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