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Creating & Engaging with Reports
Custom Frameworks & Templates

Get Started Quick Guide

Start your first report by choosing any one option given below -

  • Use an existing reporting framework – create a report that is comprised by a subset of disclosures from a single published reporting framework; such as GRI, SASB, HKEX, etc.​
  • Create a custom reporting template – build a report based on custom-written disclosures that may be specific to your organization and/or choose disclosures from published frameworks to build a custom template.​
  • Create report(s) via file upload – create a downloadable Excel template that can be populated offline and uploaded to bulk publish

Select any framework & enter reporting details -

​The reporting period defines what time interval the data in the ESG report is relevant for.

Data Entry -

At this stage, the user is presented with the data entry screen, where they can finally begin inputting data into their report.

Reporting Figures -

Each framework follows a hierarchy of varying levels, from sections to disclosures to metrics to sub-metrics. The smallest possible group of reporting data our platform stores is called a 'reporting figure', which is considered a single answer to a disclosure.

Report Finalisation -

Add cover page, cover layout, content page, logo, introduction & report settings.

Preview & Publishing-

The following screen provides users with the ability to preview the PDF version of the report. This generally takes a minute or two to load, given the report is being rendered live when we reach this page.​

​Users can browse the content and click on the Back button if they identify something that needs a change.

  • Approval Flow - Users can optionally request approval against the report to one or many e-mail addresses. Currently, this will e-mail them a copy of the report in PDF format, and allow them to simply approve or reject it, while optionally providing comments.​
  • ​This page will track the status of approval if the process is required. Otherwise, users can proceed to publish.​

Report Published -

Congratulations! This completes the end-to-end journey of starting a report against an existing reporting framework all the way to publishing it.