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Diginex appointed as the “Global Co-ordinator” for the Zwoop token sale

Diginex is delighted to be appointed as the “Global Co-ordinator” for the Zwoop token sale.

Zwoop - first blockchain ecommerce assistant

Zwoop is the first blockchain e-commerce assistant commissioned to bring simplicity and transparency to online shopping, and data control back to customers. The AI and machine learning technology underpinning Zwoop’s consumer services allows users to find the products they want in a single step and at the best price. With blockchain integration, it makes commerce, advertising, shipping and reselling more efficient and democratic; streamline payments; and provide borderless access to goods and products. Furthermore, a decentralized data platform allows consumers to control access to their data and determine the level of engagement they desire. If consumers choose to share their data, they will be paid by the advertising fees of the brands and manufacturers that are using their data.

The consumer services of Zwoop will be tested starting from June 2018 in the UK and then rolled out to the US and other countries. Zwoop plans to launch the full platform in mid 2019 with full functionality, including crypto-payments services, loyalty services and consumer data control.

About Diginex

Diginex is building the best in class, blue chip approach to all aspects of the Distributed Ledger Technology space, positioning itself as the partner of choice for companies looking towards integrating their services into a decentralized world.