The Intersection of the Distributed Ledger Technology Revolution

Diginex is building the best in class, blue chip approach to all aspects of the Distributed Ledger Technologies space, positioning itself as the partner of choice for companies looking towards integrating their services into a decentralized world.

Our Businesses

Mining/HPC Data Centers

8MW data center in Asia and Europe. Expansion planned into 150MW existing facility in Europe in 2018

Payments and Exchange Services

Using distributed ledger technology to faciliate transactions via our own payments and exchange platform

Blockchain Solutions

Creation, development and implementation of digital asset technology platforms with highly disruptive potential

Financial Services

Custody and advisory

The Opportunity

The Defining Innovation of our Age

Distributed ledger technology is already disrupting the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) industries with wide ranging applications including trade finance, anti-money laundering (AML) and real estate.
Market cap of crypto currencies

Impact of Distributed Ledger Technology


Miles Pelham

Miles Pelham

Chairman, CEO and Founder

Miles is a 21-year finance veteran, during which time he has managed substantial portfolios for leading global banks making in excess of $500m in trading profits. He retired from banking in 2017 to focus on Diginex. He is also presently the youngest serving Chairman of a UK listed company.

Richard Byworth

Richard Byworth

Chief Operating Officer

Richard is a 19 year finance veteran having held senior positions in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. He has led global teams across multiple asset classes, as well as syndication, VC investment, deal structuring, derivative trading and platform, product and business sales.

Jose Perez

Jose Perez

Chief Innovation Officer

Jose is our lead blockchain architect and smart contract developer. He started his career as a quantitative developer and FinTech consultant to major financial institutions in Europe and Asia. He has been professionally involved in the crypto space since 2016 and built several Ethereum apps.

Diginex partners with Agora to provide blockchain-based voting in Asia
Diginex partners with Agora to provide blockchain-based voting in Asia
Diginex, a blockchain solutions provider, today announced a partnership agreement with blockchain-based voting solution Agora to implement and execute projects in Asia. Agora uses the immutable ledger of blockchain to record and store voting records, ensuring that the process is transparent and free from potential manipulation or fraud. The system allows for flexibility in deployment, reducing costs and complexity by…

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